Our Projects

Tuscan Pool

Swimming pool design is a speciality of ours. We have designed and coordinated the building of over thirty pools, mainly in France and this one in Italy.

Our client required a large pool well separated from the main house and built into the hillside. Our solution was to ‘sink’ the upper end into the terrain creating a feeling of enclosure and improved privacy.

The setting is unique with a view out to the island of Elba. To make the most of the aspect, a ‘horizon’ or ‘vanishing edge’ pool design was mandatory to create the illusion of being able to swim out to the horizon.

The pool needed to fit into the landscape as unobtrusively as possible. Accordingly, natural local stone was selected to line the exposed walls and enclose the ‘beach area’. This needed to be of sufficient size to accommodate a large family and visitors.

A raised reclining platform can be covered in cushions to the rear for lounging in the shade. The pool’s shallow end is designed with elongated steps to encourage reclining in the shallows. This allows swimmers to stretch out and keep cool on a hot day, while comfortably submerged.

Security and winterising is achieved with a retractable roller cover that disappears under the deck, which is supported by a low profile steel beam camouflaged with stone tiles. The roller is accessed via traps in the deck that can be raised individually.

The pump house is located away from the pool discreetly hidden within the shrubbery.

Designed Features

This project incorporates a lot of different design features including:

  • 16 metre pool with ‘horizon edge’
  • Retractable hidden roller cover
  • Steps designed for easy access and reclining
  • Natural surrounding stonework
  • Enclosed ‘lido’ seating area