Our Projects

Denton House, Oxfordshire

Georgian Mansion
Grade II Listed
3 Storeys

This magnificent example of a traditional Georgian mansion suffered from the demolition of the staff and kitchen wing in the 1950’s leaving an ugly cement rendered scar up the north façade and a very small kitchen.

Over the decades, various attempts to add a new kitchen wing fell by the wayside, blocked in planning. Peter Luke Designworks were commissioned to review a fresh approach and hit upon the precedent of replacing the old kitchens within the long forgotten footprint of the 1950’s demolition.

The character of the new wing was styled to be compatible with the original stonework with detailed window mouldings and lintels. Importantly a sizeable glazed roof lantern was introduced to throw light into the interior. The resulting new wing comprises a sizeable U shaped kitchen with island, dining area and relaxing zone with sofa, walk in pantry, entrance hall with coat cupboards and down stairs cloakroom.

The resulting addition has had the unexpected benefit of improving the ‘flow’ of the house with direct access into the games room on one side and original rear entrance lobby on the other. The rear façade has been effectively transformed with an aesthetic addition.

In Build

With planning approved, the build began with extensive earthworks to move drains and manage services. The engineering work for the ceiling steels were conceived to support a first floor addition should it is required later. With walls up, the stone cladding was added along with windows.

Under-floor heating keeps the areas gently warm. The glass skylight is fitted with electric opening venting windows that cool the building in summer. The kitchen was custom designed by Peter Luke Designworks and imported from Poland. The floors are Egyptian limestone.


  • Reclamation of historical ‘footprint’ to rebuild over old wing
  • Transformation of the north façade hides the cement rendering
  • Detailed architectural detailing to match existing features
  • Elegant stone window surrounds, lintels and mouldings
  • Sizeable glazed roof lantern flooding the interior with daylight
  • Reconnection of rooms to create excellent access flow
  • Re introduction of the original oak door refurbished

The second design challenge was to create a new kitchen and breakfast room worthy of the house. The configuration selected was a large U shape with sizeable central island with storage access on three sides and breakfast bar. Our clients required an Aga, walk in pantry, twin fridges, two dishwashers and compartmentalised waste bins.

The kitchen was designed in detail by Peter Luke Designworks and the drawings sent to our bespoke, specialist manufacturer in Poland. For the counter tops, our client chose a beautifully figured granite from Marble City.

The new wing accommodates a sizeable breakfast table, a settee, new cloakroom and extensive storage for coats and boots. The resulting addition has transformed the house, connecting separate wings to one another, thereby vastly improving the flow.


  • Bespoke kitchen designed by Peter Luke Designworks
  • Cabinets manufactured in Poland for major savings
  • Appliances include an Aga, double fidges, and twin dishwashers
  • Waste bins all slide under counters with choice of three for recycling
  • Huge volume of storage for a large house and family
  • Multiple lighting circuits for changing mood and focus